Melissa Benn

The Miller’s Tale

Posted on: August 29, 2010

The opening sentence of Jane Miller’s new book is stark. “I am old and I feel and look old.” In person, however, she seems anything but. As we saunter along Kings Road in London, she in her light grey Converse trainers and short black coat, I am struck by how raffishly youthful she appears. A deft emailer with a razor-sharp mind and an unusual openness to life’s more uncomfortable truths, Miller, now 77, swims every morning in her local pool and is currently reading War and Peace for the third time, this time in Russian, taking “three pages slowly and carefully each morning”. If this is what 77 looks and feels like, I think, in a selfish burst of late-afternoon cheer, there’s a lot to look forward to…….

For the rest of Melissa Benn’s interview with Jane Miller in Saturday’s Guardian, please read on here.

1 Response to "The Miller’s Tale"

i was once told by dennis skinner [a former miner like myself] that your mum was an wonderfull person someone everyone liked real prase comming from dennis i always think that dennis and i were born to the labour party but i think that people of your familys background could so easily go to the conservative party thats why we love the benn family so much in the mining comunitys your dad was put on a banner the altimate for the miners hardie scargill and benn thanks for writing for the weak the working class have to listen to the likes of quinton letts [i did tell him off for what he said about dennis and he did say sorry what a drip tory threw and threw ] but do keep up the good work martin

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